• XCMG bolter EBZ230M-2H


The XCMG EBZ230M-2H intelligent bolter is used for intelligent excavation in the mine. The mine covers an area of 20.65 square kilometers and has a designed mine production capacity of 1.2 million tons per year. Demonstration mine, the area in which it is located is known as "the most beautiful mining area" in Guizhou

In recent years, the mine has carried out large-scale intelligent construction practices and built a "smart brain" for risk monitoring. After verification by the construction and technical parties, XCMG EBZ230M-2H was purchased for construction.

XCMG EBZ230M-2H integrates advanced support device and bolt mechanism on the basis of roadheader, which can not only realize expandable temporary support, but also realize full-section anchoring of roof, side rails, shoulder sockets, etc., and the integrated operation of excavation, anchoring and protection. The method effectively improves the overall efficiency of roadway excavation and the convenience of construction.

XCMG's bolter combines the advantages of ordinary roadheaders and intelligent anchoring to form a hard core strength! In a mine in Huaibei, XCMG's EBZ series of bolt breakers reduced the traditional work of at least 6 support operators to 4, and the construction efficiency increased by 33%. According to the project staff, the support cost of XCMG's bolter was reduced by 13.5% per meter.

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