• XCMG excavator helps US oil exploration


With the increase of international oil price, oil exploitation has gradually become one of the major tasks of all countries.

The United States is one of the countries with the largest proven oil reserves and oil consumer in the world. In the Midland oil field area of Texas, two XCMG XE360U excavators are constantly working on rock excavatio, pressing the "acceleration key" for the construction of the oil production base project.

In the face of the challenges brought by weathered rock and hard soil to oil exploration and equipment operation, XE360U adopts enhanced attachment and high-pressure of hydraulic system design, which improves the digging force of bucket and stick. With the support of the high-power cooling system, the XE360U can withstand the high temperature of 46 ℃. Moreover, the XE360U is also equipped with a high-pressure common rail EFI engine and an intelligent electronic control system that meet the T4F emission standard in North America, making the product save about 10% fuel compared with other brands of the same model in the market.

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