• XCMG crawler crane in the Philippines


At the hoisting site of the bridge construction project in Santa Rosa, Philippines, XCMG XGC85 and XGC75 crawler cranes are busy with construction.

The expanded bridge has a total length of about 600 meters and 6 lanes in both directions. After completion, not only the local traffic environment will be improved, but the transportation capacity of the river will also be improved. Economic development of the two cities of Isidro.

At the site, several XCMG XGC75 and XGC85 crawler cranes participated in the foundation construction and hoisting, and were on standby 24 hours a day. The XCMG crawler cranes XGC85 and XGC75 were designed for integrated transport of the mainframe, without dismantling the crawler beam and bottom section arm, and fixed the jib and the end of the arm. Pulleys, main valve blocks, etc. are universally interchangeable, the herringbone frame is self-lifting, and the main and auxiliary hooks can be switched with one key, saving time, money and effort.

XCMG, which promotes the main strategy of internationalization and builds a world-class brand, will continue to be driven by innovation and help global customers succeed with better products and more considerate services!

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