• Five-axle four-wheel drive, with 68t full counterweight, XCMG all-terrain XCA180L8C


XCMG Crane XCA180L8C eight-section 80m main boom, the maximum boom length is 110.7m, and the maximum lifting moment is 6480KN.m

The main boom is 80m, the maximum lifting height is 80m, and the maximum lifting weight is 9.5t

The maximum lifting height of the jib is 106m, and the maximum lifting weight is 2.9t 

XCA180L8C uses five-axle all-terrain crane chassis large-tonnage crane hydraulic single-engine system optimized layout and mature and efficient transmission parts.

At the same time, it has a dual-mode time-sharing drive system, three-wheel drive and four-wheel drive can be freely switched, and the maximum climbing performance is as high as 65%, which can meet the needs of various road conditions.

XCA180L8C adopts heavy-duty special steering rods and self-lubricating high-strength bearings, so that the single-bearing load capacity is as high as 30t, and it has an extremely powerful 132.5-ton heavy-duty transition mode:

On the car with wire rope, counterweight cylinder

Arm end single pulley, auxiliary coil, full counterweight 68t

Get off with spare tire and spare tire bracket

With movable legs, foot trays, etc.

Products of the same level in the industry cannot carry full counterweights. In-plant transfer requires repeated disassembly of counterweights, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive. XCA180L8C directly subtracts the preparation link of repeated operations, greatly improving operation efficiency and improving hoisting competitiveness!

XCA180L8C adopts a new energy-saving hydraulic system. The four major actions of hoisting, slewing, luffing, and telescoping all realize the pure pump-controlled volume speed regulation system, which completely realizes pure linear speed control, and the control feels silky and smooth. 

Using the latest plunger motor, the hydraulic system has fast speed and high efficiency, which can easily achieve rapid lifting of light loads, stable lifting of heavy loads and large torques, and each movement can be manipulated freely, fully meeting the needs of users for precise hoisting operations.

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