• In 2022, XCMG loading machinery is new!


New XC9 Series Loaders

The new T series stone forklift

New S-Series Skid Steer Loaders

New G series counterbalanced forklift

In 2022, the oil consumption of XC9 series loaders of XCMG will be reduced by 5% on average, and the performance of the whole machine will be improved by more than 10%; the application of the luxury ultra-quiet panoramic cab will increase the spatial field of view by more than 15%, and the operation efficiency will be higher and the operation will be more comfortable.

XCMG's new T-series stone forklifts are designed and improved in combination with user usage and construction difficulties, customized for specific needs according to global differences in operations, and more for stone mining, transportation and other working conditions, and launched 5 products covering 18-33 tons.

 As a special machine, the industry standard is strict, and flexibility, lifting force and reliability are indispensable. T-series stone forklifts use Z-shaped connecting rods and double rocker arms, showing strong rise and lifting ability, more safety and stability, and the climbing angle of more than 20 degrees, which can easily cope with various road conditions.

Experts in efficient operation in narrow spaces, skid steers can not only flexibly travel through various construction sites, but also can perform various operations by replacing attachments. They are very popular in overseas markets such as Europe and the United States where labor costs are high.

XCMG's new S-series skid steer loaders are suitable for all construction scenarios. Relying on XCMG's global R&D platform, it brings comprehensive upgrades and makes attachments more efficient. The capsule-type cab is equipped with an electronic real-time monitoring system, which greatly improves the intelligence and comfort.

In ports, warehousing, tobacco, food, textile and other industries, electric forklifts are gradually replacing internal combustion engines. After in-depth research on the craftsmanship of the global forklift industry, XCMG launched the new G series electric forklift.

The driving speed is 4% ahead of the products of the same level, the lifting speed is 3% ahead, the maximum work efficiency is increased by 6%, and the energy recovery capacity is as high as 30%, which greatly reduces the average energy consumption of the whole vehicle. The center of gravity is low and the lateral stability is good; the intelligent corner speed limit system ensures safe driving in curves; the intelligent vehicle terminal provides customers with more value-added services.

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